How To Use Onion Juice For Hair Growth

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Every one of us wants healthy, lustrous, and voluminous hair. But how to get such beautiful hair? Well, you might have heard that slow and steady wins the race. So, here, in this article, we will tell you how to make your hair soft, shiny, beautiful… and most of all, perfect! You might have heard of onions for hair growth. Right? Onions are the best sources to repair your hair. How? Why? These questions might be lurking in your mind. Don’t worry! We will answer all of that. Onion hair oil, shampoo, conditioner, and every product infused with red onions benefit your hair in a certain way.

But when the raw juice is extracted and applied to the hair, it becomes all the more effective. Using onion juice for hair might be a slow process but the results are guaranteed. The best part about Onions is that it suits every hair type. Whether you have dry hair, flaky scalp, or frizzy strands – it is best for all. Scalp infections are best treated through onions. And you thought onions were just for eating!?

So, let us look at the benefits of Onion for hair growth

Benefits of Onion for Hair

Onions are a sure-shot way for boosting hair growth and treating hair fall. It is one of the best ways for treating hair issues. Enriched with sulfur, onions help in minimizing hair damage, breakage, thinning, etc. If you are rapidly losing your hair, it’s now time to switch to something raw, authentic, and original. Below are the benefits of Onion juice for hair.

  1. Applying Onion juice to your hair and scalp is a great way to boost enzymes. Enzymes are antioxidants that boost rapid hair growth in your scalp.
  2. Onions are rich in Sulfur that nourishes your strands from root to tip. They also stimulate the hair follicles that help in reducing hair fall, thereby boosting hair growth.
  3. If your hair is a victim of radical damage, then onions are the best answer to all your problems. Onions are infused with many antioxidants that minimize environmental damage. With regular massaging your scalp with onion juice, the environmental damage to hair is reduced and premature greying is also prevented.
  4. Apart from antioxidants, onions too have antibacterial properties that keep all the infections at bay. For healthy hair growth, onions are necessary. Also, if you apply onion juice to your strands, you can visibly see a reduction in hair fall.

So, these are the top benefits of onion juice. Now that you know the benefits, it’s now time to make onion juice at home. Red onions are best for every hair type. Let us see how onion juice is made.

How to Make Onion Juice at Home

Onion juice is a great ingredient when it comes to curing hair loss and boosting hair growth. So, here’s how you make onion juice at home. Follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Step 1: Peel the onions and chop them into tiny pieces.
  • Step 2: Blend these pieces together and mix it with some water/ honey/ coconut oil/ aloe vera for a seamless blend. You can strain the water or apply it together to your scalp.
  • Step 3: Take a bowl and extract the juice of at least two onions. Dip a common pad in it and apply the cotton pad to your hair and scalp.
  • Step 4: Make sure that you cover the entire area with Onion Juice and leave it for a couple of minutes, i.e., 15-20 minutes.
  • Step 5: Wash your hair afterward with a mild, sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner.
  • Step 6: After washing your hair, you can apply a few drops of essential oil like Tea Tree Oil or Lavender Oil to your hair to combat the smell of onions.

Onion juice is a great method to promote hair growth. It improves blood circulation in the scalp and relieves you from flaky and itchy scalp and hair. It is best to use onion juice twice a week for the best results. Now, let us look at the ways in which onion juice can be used for rapid hair growth.
Onion Juice for Hair Growth

How to Use Onion Juice for Hair Growth

If you are worried about hair thinning and are going nuts about becoming bald, then you need onion juice. Onion juice is extremely helpful in repairing your hair and promoting hair regrowth. Being an antioxidant, many DIY treatments can improve the health of your scalp. Onion juice must not be applied just to the scalp, but also to your strands. Protect your hair follicles from radical damage with Onions! Let’s begin the DIY treatments.

  1. Onion Juice with Coconut Oil
    For proper hair nourishment, you can add Coconut Oil to the Onion Juice. Coconut Oil is a rich source of lauric acid, capric acid, etc., that keeps your scalp healthy and moisturized. Here’s how to make the hair pack.- Extract the juice of one onion and add Coconut Oil and Tea Tree Oil to it.
    – Blend all the ingredients and apply them to your scalp and hair.
    – Leave the mixture for 45 minutes to one hour.
    – Wash the strands with a mild shampoo and conditioner.
  2. Onion Juice with Castor Oil
    One of the best remedies to boost hair growth is Castor Oil with Onion Juice. This hair pack makes your hair stronger and maintains overall hair health. This hair pack works miraculously to reduce hair fall, thereby increasing the volume and thickness of your hair. Follow the steps mentioned below to make this pack.- Combine and mix Castor Oil with Onion Juice in a bowl.
    – Make sure that an even mixture is formed.
    – Apply it to your hair and scalp with a cotton pad.
    – Massage the mixture in a circular motion and for a couple of minutes.
    – Further, let the mixture stay for at least one hour.
    – Rinse your scalp and hair with a shampoo and follow up with a conditioner.
  3. Onion Juice with Eggs
    Dealing with a variety of hair problems, eggs are a rich source of protein that nourishes and conditions your scalp, thereby keeping it clean and healthy. Use this hair pack twice a week to solve all your hair woes. Follow the steps mentioned below!- Open the egg and separate the egg white from the yolk.
    – Mix that egg white with onion juice and create a paste out of it.
    – Continue stirring till the mixture becomes smooth and even.
    – Apply the paste to your scalp and hair and let it sit for one hour.
    – Once the egg is dried in the hair, wash the scalp with a gentle shampoo.
    – Follow up with essential oil to get rid of the smell.
  4. Onion Juice with Ginger Juice
    Ginger is a popular home and beauty remedy. Both Homeopathy and Ayurveda regard ginger as a great ingredient for combating various health issues. Having anti-inflammatory properties, Ginger is an amazing ingredient that improves scalp health, stimulates blood circulation, minimizes hair fall, and improves the overall quality of your hair. Here’s how you make this hair mask.- Mix Onion Juice with Ginger Juice in a bowl.
    – Apply the mixture to your scalp.
    – Massage in a circular motion and let the mixture sit for 1-2 hours.
    – The ginger and onion smell is quite strong. Therefore, you must cover your hair with a shower cap.
    – After 1-2 hours, wash your scalp and hair with a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner.

  5. Onion Juice with Honey
    Known for its nourishing properties, Honey is one of the best ingredients that can be combined with Onion juice to keep your hair shiny and lustrous. Honey is an emollient that makes your hair stay hydrated and glossy. Make this hair pack by following the steps mentioned below.- Take equal parts of honey and onion juice and mix it in a bowl.
    – Stir it and create a paste out of it.
    – Apply the mixture all over your scalp and hair and massage for some time.
    – Use your fingertips to apply honey.
    – Leave the mixture in your hair. If you feel that honey is dripping, keep a tissue to clean it.
    – Wash the mixture with a mild shampoo.
  6. Onion Juice with Potato
    Enriched with Vitamin B, C, Minerals, Iron, Zinc, and Niacin, Potato is one of the most abundant ingredients for your hair. When it is combined with Onion Juice, this mixture nourishes your tresses and boosts hair growth. Use the hair pack mentioned below for the best results. Here’s how you make this hair mask.- Mix potato juice with onion juice in a bowl.
    – Blend the ingredients until you get a smooth paste out of it.
    – Apply the mixture to your scalp and massage it for a couple of minutes.
    – Leave the mixture for half an hour and finally wash it off with a gentle shampoo.
    – Follow up with a conditioner after rinsing.

So, these are some of the hair masks that you can make at home for getting healthy, shiny, and voluminous hair. Onions are a great ingredient that can improve your overall hair health. Having known the DIY treatments, it’s now time to look at onion hair products that are best for your hair.

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